Saturday, March 31, 2007

Beware of BOB

Bartender: "You have a boyfriend. BOB. Battery Operated Boyfriend."

- Morrison Street Grill

-- Overheard by b!X

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Guy: "Once I ate an entire block of cheese for lunch."

Girl: "That's good. How'd you feel afterwards?"

Guy: "Not so good."

- On the #14 bus

-- Overheard by Marianna

Monday, March 26, 2007

Glory Days

Tweaker (rambling): "Back in High School I was on this hockey team in Beaverton and I got to meet the mayor, you know, Mayor Ivancie, the guy before Bud Clark? Anyway they sent our whole team to play a tournament in Japan and I got to meet the Mayor type guy over there."

Guy: "Did you win?"

Tweaker: "Well, I did get on Japanese TV and they came to the house and did a Life in the Day thing."

- Pharmacy Cafe

-- Overheard by Rich

Who broke the copy machine?

Man: "Help I've got glass in my butt!"

- IT department of a local government agency

-- Overheard by a random IT drone

Friday, March 23, 2007

Not one for second dates

Girl: "Incest kind freaks me out. I don't know why though."

A while later:

Girl: "Suicide is sexy. Death is so hot."

- On the Portland Street Car

-- Overheard by cabernet4me

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Punxsutawney Pope

Administrative Assistant: "You know how they choose the Pope with those smoke signals?"

Staff member: "Yeah..."

Administrative Assistant: "It's kind of like Groundhog's Day, isn't it?"

Staff member: "Wait, what? The movie or the holiday?"

Administrative Assistant: "Duh, the holiday! What would the movie have to do with the Pope??"

Staff member: "Well, what does the holiday have to do with the Pope?"

Administrative Assistant: "What?"

- University of Portland

-- Overheard by Junniper

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where everybody knows your name

Woman: "Have you ever seen those early episodes of Cheers?"

Man: "Yeah. Those Ted Baxter bits are hilarious."

- Bridgeport Brewery

-- Overheard by Rich

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

no, they don't

Hipster guy: "No, really. Pittsburgh is about a thousand times cooler than Philadelphia. Everyone knows that."

- SW 4th & Salmon

-- Overheard by SaraFist

Next time, take the Blue Line

Man in red coat with blood running down his face (which we previously saw get punched and kicked by another drunkard causing the blood) says to some frat guys:

"I fu**ed your mom last night, but can't remember where she lives."

[Nervous silence]

Man in red coat: "I'm going to poop in your eye, and then a shark is going to come, and then you will tell people that a shark pooped in your eye."

- Red line Max near Beaverton

-- Overheard by Ashley and Brady

A Regular Yoda

Brunette: "Well why did they decide like that?"

Blonde: "That's just how whoever wanted it to be that way wanted it to be that way."

- Cup & Saucer, Killingsworth

-- Overheard by Junniper

Go back to the Westside

Homeless Guy to Thug: "You are your own rainbow."

Thug: "I ain't no homo, bitch!"

Older Conservative Woman: "Please keep quiet, that's offensive to me."

Thug: "What, 'bitch?'"

Older Conservative Woman: "No, 'homo.'"

- Red Line Max, 82nd Avenue

-- Overheard by Junniper


"I was in Budapest and people would ask, 'Is everyone in America like Dick Cheney?' And I'm like, 'Fuck no!'"

- Oba

-- Overheard by Rich

Monday, March 19, 2007

When you're here, you're Family

Thug (to Thugette): "Where you come from?"

Thugette: "Da Olive Garden."

Thug: "Huh? What's dat?"

Thugette (exasperated): "Da RESTAURANT..."

Thug: "Who go to da Olive Garden?"

Thugette: "Rich white people."

- MAX Blue Line at 122nd, 3/17/07

-- Overheard by Jess & Paul

Sunday, March 18, 2007

one over one is not two

Lady: "And what exactly is it about marriage that turns you off so much?"

Man: "See that older couple with the same hair and the same clothes?"

Lady: "Yes?"

Man: "Them."

- Dragonfly

-- Overheard by Rich

ie For Example

Woman #1: "It's Tracie with an 'ie.' Thank you for asking."

Guy: "I used used to date a Stacie with an 'ie.'"

Woman #2: "And do you dot the 'i' with a little heart?"

Guy: "Even today."

- Oba

-- Overheard by Rich

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Smoking jacket

Guy #1: "Do you mind if I put my coat on the bar here?"

Guy #2: "No, but the bartender might set it on fire."

- Hubers (Spanish coffee central)

-- Overheard by Rich

Green Teens

Middle-school kid: "It's not my fault all the girls in Beaumont have no hair and look like Chia Pets."

- Bus stop at 41st & Fremont

-- Overheard by Barbara

Friday, March 16, 2007

who the bitch now?

Guy1: "I can't believe it that guy over there sent his little tiny girlfriend through this packed crowd to get a beer!"

Guy2: "Which guy?"

Guy1: "That really big dude over there."

Guy2: "huh."


Guy2: "Oh by the way, thanks for getting that last round, bitch."

- Crystal Ballroom, before the 'Bloc Party' set

-- Overheard by Brad

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Does she, or doesn't she?

Woman: "Don't I strike you as blond?"

- SoLo

-- Overheard by Rich

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You're soaking in it

Woman (rubbing her hands together): "I've got jizz all over me!"

- Outside one of the smelly storefronts near NW 23rd and Irving

-- Overheard by Rich

Pug Study

Kid: "I want to be a pug so I won't have to do homework."

- Chapman school

-- Overheard by Rich

Sunday, March 11, 2007

morbid adieu

Guy #1 (while leaving the bar): "I'll see you later."

Guy #2 (still nursing his drink): "Yeah, if i don't die first."

- Speakeasy

-- Overheard by molly

Moto Mary

Bartender: "My girlfriend has this great story about when her friend came to visit from Korea..."

Korean guy (on cell phone): "Come pick me up. I'm at Moto Mary."

Girlfriend: "What? You're at Mary's? The strip club?"

Korean guy: "No! No! Moto Mary! Moto Mary!"

Girlfriend: "I don't get it. Hand the phone to somebody."

Stranger on phone: "What? What's the problem?"

Girlfriend: "I can't understand my friend. Where are you right now?"

Stranger: "Umm, Montgomery Park."

- SoLo

-- Overheard by Rich

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Guy: "Once you've seen him in his undwear, you want to be just like him."

- Hubers

-- Overheard by Rich


Guy: "I think stupidity is much more interesting than intelligence."

Second guy: "How so?"

Guy: "Intelligence has its limits. As we have seen from the current administration, stupidity is limitless."

- Hubers

-- Overheard by Rich

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Which bathroom?

During happy hour, some guy on the phone:

(into the phone): "Where's Joey?"

(to someone at the table): "Where's Joey?"

(back into the phone): "He's in the bathroom trying on a dress."

- Blue Hour

-- Overheard by Bananna Lee Fishbones

Fashion cents

Homeless guy: "Hey man. Can you spare a quarter?"

Business man: "Sure. Here you go."

Homeless guy:
(calls after him)
"I like your outfit!"

- Downtown

-- Overheard by Rich

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Love stuck

Person in Car 1, hesitating in parking lot exit and screaming out window:
"I love you!"

Man in Car 2, behind her:
"I love you more! Now get out of the way!"

- PCC Sylvania parking lot

-- Overheard by Molly

Tech Support

Co-worker (asking over and over):

"What's the error message say?"..... "What's it saying" ......

"Is there are error message?".... "What's the message say?".....

"Right, but what does it say, can you read it to me?" ........

(Long pause... shaking head....)

"OK, I'm trying to read your mind and it's not working."

- Portland area call support center

-- Overheard by Rob

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Fond(ling?) Farewell

One guy saying goodbye to two other guys:
"You guys take care of yourselves in the car."
"I didn't mean that like it came out."

- Downtown street corner

-- Overheard by Mike

Monday, March 05, 2007

Point of departure

Man's voice on Internet radio:
"I used to think that if I died in a bad place, my soul wouldn't get to go to heaven."

Another voice (pauses): "Fuck!"

- Anna Banannas

-- Overheard by Rich

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Like Cake from Scratch

Guy: "You don't think I would have put all that energy into hitting that shit if she was anywhere near the hot tub."

- Bathroom at Red Star

-- Overheard by plumpy


Woman: "What do you think of that gal sitting on the end of the bar?"

Guy: "I dunno. She's making a real statement with that leopard purse."

Woman: "What kind of statement?"

Guy: "It says, 'I have a boyfriend with pierced nipples.'"

- Portland City Grill

-- Overheard by Rich