Sunday, August 31, 2008

Overlooked in PDX: I Surrender

I have been to Tributes dozens of times to grab a bite, but somehow I missed this photo of Marilyn. Even if I had no idea who she was I would have fallen in love. That's a face that could launch a thousand ships.

S.M.S. Pinafore

Girl #1's deaf friend came over a few days earlier and watched TV. No one has been able to turn the captions off since.

Girl #1: It took him forever to figure out how to turn them on. Good luck.

Girl #2 continues trying to turn the captions off without much success.

Girl #2 (clearly angry): This is ridiculous! Ask him how to turn them off. Let's call--

Girl #1 and Girl #3 burst into laughter.

Girl #2: Well...text him. Let's text him...

- Overheard in Sellwood by Lauren

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Throwing stones

Old codger with a six-pack in a bag, commenting to us about all the folks drinking on the patio: What a bunch of disgusting drunks!

Me: Yeah, Dude, that's the good thing about hypocrisy--You get to keep your values.

- Muu-Muu's

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video of the Week: Overheard in My Pretty Portland

Unfortunately, my submission to the My Pretty Portland video contest did not make the finals. But you can enoy it here before they screen the ten finalist films on Saturday night. I'll see you at the Art Institute of Portland.

Many thanks to: Adam, Anita, Brian, Kevin, SaraFist, and "L" for their Overheards that we used in the film. And to all the rest of you eavesdroppers out there, thanks for the laughs. We may even do a gallery show based on this concept. Stay tuned.



Need the Green to get the Green

Guy #1: Check out the lady in the green dress. You think she's a hooker?

Guy #2: You mean the one with Joe Rocket over there? He was in the bathroom earlier. He's a Brit.

Guy #1: Oh, yeah then. Hooker for sure!

- Heathman Bar

-- Overheard by Rich

Karma Police

Six high, hilarious and loud friends in a QUIET line for shuttle bus back to car from Radiohead concert in WA.

Male concert goer (slightly high): Man this line is CRAZY long. Look, there's hundreds just waiting in line to get on board.

Twenty-ish hot and high friend (in Larry David impersonation): This must have been what it was like for the Jews waiting in line for the train to Auschwitz.

- Overheard by Jack, who writes: "Everyone on board: died laughing and groaning...just like Larry David fans do. It was totally wrong, sarcastic and hysterical all at once...especially after a long, insane, altered state of mind concert."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Overlooked in PDX: Dismembered Leg

Our newest feature for this blog is called "Overlooked in PDX." Many thanks to Meghan for the idea ;-)

If you see something unusual, send it to us for posting and be sure to include the following:

* A JPEG file or a link
* Brief description or anecdote
* Location in Portland

This dismembered leg prop scared my kid half to death. Someone made it look like there's a dude sleeping in the bushes. You can find it on NW 27th and Thurman.

Video of the Week: Techno-babble Product Announcement

We are adding some new regular features to this blog including Video of the Week and Overlooked in PDX. Enjoy!

About the video: One of my favorite techno-spoofs was something from the 60's called the Turboencabulator. In this update, we parody our own marketing techno-jargon and laugh as the company launches the Sun Heisenberg Compensator.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

ROAD Scholar

Twp ragged young men, obviously travelers, sitting in front of the downtown Border's.

One asks passers by: Can you spare five bucks for a Jack Kerouac novel?

- Overheard by April

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Male: I just can't imagine Americans will actually elect another republican.
Female: Yeah, I know. And, you know, I am all sympathetic to John McCain because of that Vietnam stuff, but isn't there something he can do about his teeth?
Male: Yeah, and that Romney guy. He's in a cult.

- At the office
-- Overheard by S S

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

American Teen

Girl #1: My mom thinks I'm a whore cuz I ride the MAX at night.
Girl #2: My mom thinks I'm a whore cuz I have big boobs.

- Beaverton Transit Center about 9 pm tonight.

-- Overheard by Brian

Monday, August 18, 2008

Get the flock out

Old Woman: Evangelists don't like to come to Portland.

Man: Really? Why?

Old Woman: Too many Pagans.

- Laurelthirst
-- Overheard by Rich

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hoyt Dog

Bearded guy walks up to patio tables with a hot dog from a street vendor. He waves it in the face of a drunk girl standing there before he proceeds to sit down. The girl wretches and doubles-over, cursing him.

Witness guy: My God, Man! You've discovered...Brooklyn Repellent!

- MuuMuu's
-- Overheard by Rich

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Guy (to Female Bartender): Why don't we just date other people together?

- MuuMuu's
-- Overheard by Rich

Always wear a helmet

Guy #1: Dude, I'm telling you--Dirtbikes are way more satisfying than women!

Guy #2: Dirt pipes?

Guy #1: Fuck you!

- MuuMuu's
-- Overheard by Rich

Old Town, New Men

Walking downtown past some bar hopping frat boys who said: She was begging me for a cab, not to put it in her poop chute.

We laughed for about 3 more blocks.

- Overheard by Clinton

Friday, August 15, 2008


Coworker: They're just doing what we told them to do in 2006.
Supervisor: Yeah, well 2006 was six years ago.

- At the office

-- Overheard by Robert

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Read too much Shirley MacLaine

Mom: Can you sit there and be mommy's good boy just a little longer? We're almost done shopping.

Boy: No. I’m not your good boy. I’m not your good boy any more.

Mom: Oh you aren’t? Then will you be a big boy for me?

Boy: No, I’m not your big boy! I'm not your big boy, and I’m not your good boy anymore.

Mom: Oh really, then what are you?

Boy: I’m a Grandma!

- Trader Joes
-- Overheard by kari

Not that kind of cougar

A mom and her tyke looking for videos:

Mom: Oh, look, they have Lassie! Lassie: Flight of the Cougar.

Kid (a couple minutes later): Can I get this?

Mom: You want to get Lassie? OK, you don't think it'll be too scary, do you?

Kid: No...What the cougar does? Eats Lassie?"

Mom: I hope not!

- Movie Madness
-- Overheard by Jeff

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On the #2

Overheard on a crowded Trimet bus:

Young boy, very loudly: I need to take a dump.

Father, quietly: You mean you need to use the bathroom.

Boy: No, I need to take a dump.

Father: Its rude to say it like that, you should say you need to use the bathroom.

Boy: I need to use the bathroom so I can take a dump.

- Overheard by Frost

Seven Meals from Chaos

Trimet bus pulls over to a stop and a couple get on board. Both are obese. The woman sits down, the man is paying the fair for both of them.

Obese man: Seems you're running late, we've been waiting a while.

Obese woman: Yeah, we've waited like 40 minutes.

Obese man: Yeah, it was at least 40 minutes.

The couple gets off the bus less than three blocks from where they got on.

- Overheard by Frost

Indiana Wants Me

Human 1: I think he's Indian.
Human 2: Which kind?
Human 1: What do you mean?
Human 2: Where does he come from?
Human 1: Indiana.

- Starbucks
-- Overheard by Robert

Indicted on three counts

Gal to Guy: Why are you SUCH a drunken fucking asshole?

Guy: Ummm... What was the middle thing?

- MuuMuu's
-- Overheard by Rich

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You ain't gonna make it with anyone, anyhow

Guy #1: Did you see Bob Costas/George Bush thing on the Olympics the other night?

Guy #2: Oh yeah. Did you notice how the camera man put that Chairman Mao picture over his right shoulder? I'm thinking that's probably W's fucking role model.

- MuuMuu's

-- Overheard by Rich

Doctor Horrible

Nurse: (sneezes)

Infectious disease doctor: Gesundheit.

Nurse: Thanks.

Infectious disease doctor: You’d better show me your insurance card; that was a consult.

- Area hospital
-- Overheard by Charissa

Sunday, August 10, 2008

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Skinny twenty something (to her overweight friend): Eew your buying those? Those are so bad for you.

Overweight friend: *sigh* I know...

Skinny twenty something (steps to the counter): Can I get a pack of marb reds?

- 7-Eleven Downtown
-- Overheard by John

Stoners at Flugtag

This was overheard at Flugtag last weekend. We were standing on the outer edge on the street just above Riverplace when a couple of guys that were obviously under the influence of the devil’s lettuce just happened to seemingly stumble upon the event with 60k spectators. These two walked up and stood behind us for about one min and it went something like this....... (one of them sounded like Rick Moranis in Ghost Busters)

Rick Moranis: Hey man, what’s going on here?
Dude: Uhhh...oh yeah, I think it’s that Red Bull thing, man.
Rick Moranis: Huh.. well what do they do?
Dude: They make these things and push them off that ramp.
Rick Moranis: Why?
Dude: I dunno?

- Overheard by Marc

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Stir of Echoes

Guy #1 (talking to his duplex neighbors): Have you looked in that secret place in your closet?
Girl #1: No, I'm scared to.
Guy #1: Yeah me too. There might be some Jews in there or something.
Girl #2: Or some Mexicans.
Girl #3: Why would there be Mexicans?
Girl #2: Why would there be Jews?
Girl #3: Because of the Holocaust...
Girl #2: I didn't really go to History class.

- Overheard in Sellwood by Lauren

Porn Dog

Girl (talking about her dog): friends call him facefucker.
Guy: What does that even mean?
Girl: It means he fucks faces.
Guy: Oh.

- In Sellwood
-- Overheard by Lauren

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Think outside the bun

Counter Guy: It comes with tzatziki, feta and…
Girl: I don't want feta. And what's tah-zeekee?
Counter Guy: Cucumber yogurt sauce.
Girl: I don't want that either.
Counter Guy: Um, that's what kinda makes a gyro a gyro...

- Zupan's on Macadam
--Overheard by Fenavo

Short attention span theater

Office worker #1: guess what I have?
Office worker #2: herpes?
Other people in their cubes nearby: chuckle, gag and snort

then some silence

Office worker #1: No, actually I have a Snapple Lid with Random Fact #1, can you believe it? The first Snapple fact!!! Goldfish only have an attention span of 3 minutes.

some silence

Unidentified office worker a row away: If you had Herpes that would have been more interesing.
Office worker #1: Go to hell

- In cubicle land at a large corporation
-- Overheard by e c


Referring to the fountain statues by Pioneer Courthouse...

Girl #1: I want to have sex with that duck.
Girl #2: Shutup!

- Overheard by Io

Monday, August 04, 2008


A mom and her son in the craft aisle.

Boy: I want to get that paint set.

Mom: Then you get to clean it up afterwards.

Boy: WHAT?

- Fred Meyers in Tigard

-- Overheard by Tara

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Powdered Messiah

Coworker: Beignets are like the Jesus of the doughnut community.

- Overheard by Elizabeth

Movie admission

On-screen mother's advice to daughter during "Hot Rods to Hell" (1967):
There is not a woman in the world that doesn't want a man!

(many woman in the audience laugh)

Woman stands up and turns to the audience: Not ME!

- Outdoor movie night at Hotel deLuxe

-- Overheard by Brad & Andrea