Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This was on new years day around 1am at the thirsty lion.

Girl 1: so like... where did the word, "ring in the new year," come from?
Girl 2: well... maybe in ancient culture they rang bells because they like... thought it would start another year?
Girl 1: but did they even know what years were back then? like in ancient culture-ish times?
Girl 2: well... yeah. obviously. i mean, the aztecs predicted 9/11... right? so they had to know years.
Girl 3: no dude i think that was nostril anus or something like that.
Girl 1: no shit. well... let's start another year with another shot of PatrĂ³n!

- Overheard by Abbi, who writes: "Oh man. I mean, they were completely obliterated. But still... wow."

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