Friday, May 15, 2009

We live in the same world as these people

Setting - Chevron
Mission - Buy beer

Clerk: Can I see your ID?

Me: Sure (hand over passport)

Clerk: I'm sorry we don't accept passports identification here, they are too easy to get.

Me: (Stammering) Ummm...a passport is the most secure piece of identification that a civilian in America can have. Why won't you take it?!

Clerk: It's not secure! You can buy them at Walgreens!

Me: Mam, you can only purchase a passport photo at Walgreens, not the actual passport. (Muttered to myself as I left WITHOUT the beer because she wouldn't accept it as ID.)

- Submitted by Lauren


Rob said...

Was this by chance in the Tanasbourne area around 8 ish? I think I was standing behind you.

Lauren said...

It was actually in Murray Hill but wow, it happened to someone else!?

I hope they put up a fight like I did :)

Anonymous said...

You're a little unclear on the concept of "overheard", aren't you?

Lauren said...

You're one of those people that doesn't like funny stories, aren't you?

ur_chasingamy said...

Actually, they do not have to accept passports as ID to buy beer, cigarettes or to get into a venue that serves alcohol.

I have a friend from Canada who has been turned away many times, she finally did some looking in to it, and they indeed do not have to accept it.

Suck, I know.