Monday, June 06, 2011

Leave trouser bulges to the boys

Location: Jiggles Strip Club & Juice Bar (it seriously is a juice bar)

I'm in a stall in the girls bathroom @ Jiggles (bad idea), and two strippers (employees, dancers, whatever) are in the other two stalls.

Stripper 1:
Yea, but I didn't want to tell him I was on my period, so we just had sex with it still in.
Stripper 2: Your tampon!?
Stripper 1: Yea. Dude, it feels REALLY good with a tampon in.
Stripper 2: Oh I know!

As I emerge from the stall, quickly...they walk out of their stalls at the same time.

Both Strippers at same time to me:
Oh hey sweetie!

- Overheard by Sarah

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