Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spyce Girl

Dancer from Spyce getting on the MAX at Couch & 5th: I'm tellin' y'all.. I really need to pee! I had 17 drinks & I didn't pay for any of them! I really need to tinkle!

(She then proceeded to bond with a creepy dude in the back. He told her the Carl's Jr. was still open for her to find a bathroom. They got off a stop later, prompting this conversation...

My friend Nikki: She seemed nice -- I hope she finds a bathroom.
Me: I think that's where he took her.
Nikki: *disbelieving stare* That's not where he took her.
Me: ...but I'm sure he'll take her somewhere to pee, first... right?

By the end, the guy in front of us wasn't even hiding that he was staring at us listening to this conversation.

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