Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Father to son, repeated many, many times:
“If you need tires for your motorcycle, look them up on Craigslist.”
“If you need an arc welder, look them up on Craigslist.”
“If you need to find a motor for the Camaro, look on Craigslist.”

Father to son one day:
“Do you have a spare computer monitor? Ours fried.”

Son to Father: “Look it up on Craigslist.”

- My Living Room

-- Overheard by Pezolator


Anonymous said...

That title is a little rude.

Anonymous said...

This is a scream. Not only does the son come back with the snappy answer, but it's hilarious because I don't know if the son realized the situation; that with a busted monitor that you can't look things up on Craigslist, or if he realized what his father was saying and was just being cheeky anyway! Good one!