Thursday, May 31, 2007

16 will get you 20

Girl One: "Fuck up, I'm glad you broke it off. I'm sick of his faggety ass!"

Girl Two: "Hey at least my ex was my age, your ex was like 45!"

Girl One: "Hey, he was 43, okay?!"

Girl Three (laughing): "Yeah I'm glad too, he probably has a shriveled dick huh?"

Girl Two (laughing way too loud): "Ha yeah, saggy balls and shit."

Girl One: "No that's a myth."

Girl Two (suddenly very serious): "Oh. Well shit!"

- Walking away from Franklin's high school graduation Wednesday night

-- Overheard by Reid, who writes:
"These were very much high school-aged girls. Oh by the way, included in this group was Girl One's 9-ish year-old sister."

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