Thursday, October 25, 2007

I feel the same way, buddy

(People get onto a very crowded bus.)

Driver, enunciating very precisely: Please move... behind... the yellow line.

(There is much shuffling as people squeeze in tighter.)

Driver, at the next stop: I can take... anyone... who is behind... the yellow line.

(More shuffling. Stop request bell rings, driver pulls over at next stop, no one disembarks.)

Driver, quietly, still enunciating: Going once... Going twice...

(Doors shut, stop request bell rings immediately.)

Driver, quietly: Are you sure? Are you positive?

(Bus stops, lady with cane laboriously makes her way down the packed aisle.)

Lady: Excuse me, thank you. Thank you. You guys have a fun day!

Driver, quietly: That... is going... to take... some doing.

- On the bus

-- Overheard by Specklet

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