Thursday, November 29, 2007

nor gloom of night

"Our tax dollars don't pay them to make chit chat!"

(The USPS is self-funding and does not receive any tax revenue for

- Kenton Station P.O

-- Overheard by Steve


Alan Bluehole said...

But our stamps do! They should get busy.

Ralph said...

or 'glom of nit'?

Anonymous said...

You ever been to that post office? They sure do talk to much, even when there's a long line waiting.

Steve said...

One of the window clerks thinks he's a freakin' comedian. Too much coffee (or just hopped up on goof balls).

Netartian said...

On a personal and bitchy side note about the USPS, "gloom of night" may not deter them from their appointed rounds, but apparently wind and power outages do. Never mind that UPS and FedEx are out in full force.


xianrex said...

I love Bert and Ernie at the Kenton PO. I prefer hopped-up over disgruntled.