Friday, March 07, 2008

Dude, where's your bike?

Bus driver: Somebody left their bike on the front of the bus. This happens a lot; we get something like 60 bikes a year in Portland where people get off the bus and just walk away.

Rider: No way.

Bus driver: Oh yeah, it's a Gary Fisher, too. Those are good ones. In fact, one time this guy put one on the front and he painted over the "Fisher" with the word "Coleman." It was so funny!

- On the #77

-- Overheard by Rich

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plumpy said...

I left my bike on the bus once! I had a job out in Beaverton and I didn't usually take my bike out there, but one time I did, and then I just forgot about it!

The best part? My friend who built the bike for me (probably the only person in the world who would recognize it) happened to be out in Beaverton that day for some weird reason, and was driving in front of the bus a few hours later. So he called me to tell me he was driving in front of my bus... and I was had no idea what he was talking about at first, since I was at work, but eventually we sorted it out.

He followed the bus to a transit center and "stole" it for me when the driver got off.