Friday, April 18, 2008

library flirting

At the main library downtown, waiting for a computer, a guy (mid-to-late 30's) shamelessly (and embarassingly) attempting to flirt with an 18 year-old PSU freshman (who says her R's like W's):

He: Wow, that's an amazing accent! Is it British?

She: Actually, it's a speech impediment.

- Overheard by Ellen


northwestportlander said...

Several people have said the same thing to me about my speech impediment. "I'm trying to place your accent, but I can't figure it out." Like this person, I am polite when I reply that it's "just the way I speak, but thanks." One person replied "You should just tell people you're British."

The Redhead said...

I was with you on the bus one day when some sleezy guy was hitting you up and said the same thing. I happen to think you sound more Bostonian or New York than British. I'm glad you're so positive about the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

My chemistry proff. is British, and he just doesn't say R.