Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video of the Week: Overheard in My Pretty Portland

Unfortunately, my submission to the My Pretty Portland video contest did not make the finals. But you can enoy it here before they screen the ten finalist films on Saturday night. I'll see you at the Art Institute of Portland.

Many thanks to: Adam, Anita, Brian, Kevin, SaraFist, and "L" for their Overheards that we used in the film. And to all the rest of you eavesdroppers out there, thanks for the laughs. We may even do a gallery show based on this concept. Stay tuned.




Anita said...

I love it! I've sent the link to my friends who own the Columbia Broil. I'm sure they'll enjoy it too.

Name: Geeba Monkey said...

I like your video and your blog especially. I hope you don't mind, I put it on my own scary blog. Peace - Geeba