Thursday, July 03, 2008


On the #17 Bus when it was about 90 degrees outside:

Bus Driver: Folks, this just in from the weather service, I just thought I'd pass it along to you all. Don't let all these clouds fool you, there's a high heat warning in effect for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Gum Drops, and ... Snow Cones, so if you have any of those items, you'd better keep them inside. That's all.

- Overheard by The Redhead


E Ko said...

I feel that you should mention somewhere on your blog that this site is entirely based on; right down to its style.

rich said...

Actually, there are dozens of overheard sites around the world. This site is affiliated with, which is run by the overheard in New York folks.

deborah said...

My favorite TriMet bus driver comment was made back in the 1!980s. It had been snowing all day and the buses were late due to chaining up. I was waiting downtown after work so I could go home and I'd been waiting for a long time when the bus that would take me to Multnomah Village finally showed up. The driver popped open the door and cheerfully annouced "Welcome to TriMet's Same Day Service!". It was the perfect thing to say, at least it took away my annoyance at the delay and the cold. The memory still makes me smile.