Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the stink of modern civilization

Homeless 20-something: Would anyone let me take a shower at your house? I haven't showered in about a month.

20 or so people on the bus: [silence]

Homeless 20-something: Oh that's great. How would you like it if you'd been on the streets and not a single person allows you to shower in their house? What a bunch a bunch of [expletive]. This is what our society has become?

Driver: [pulls up to the next stop] You can get off now.

Homeless 20-something: I will. I don't want to be on this bus with a bunch of self serving [expletive]. [Off the bus he raises his guitar in his right hand and makes an obscene gesture with his left.] [expletive] you all!

- On the 15 about 10pm
-- Overheard by Heather


Anonymous said...

This made me sad.

ur_chasingamy said...

Good for him.

The Redhead said...

Was he cute?

Anonymous said...

Yes, our society has become one in which most people work. Sorry dude....

Anonymous said...

It's really boring and annoying to censor this. Overheard in pdx will never be on par with Overheard in ny if things go this way much longer.