Monday, July 30, 2007


Little girl in a stroller about 2 1/2, speaking to caretaker:
"Shut the fuck up."

Caretaker (laughing a bit):
"Hey. I love you"

Little girl:
"Shut the fuck up, shut the FUCK up, shut the FUCK up." (laughing)

Caretaker (to horrified passengers):
"Oh, ha ha she learned that in daycare. We just ignore it. "

Little girl (leaning over in stroller and spitting several times on the floor):
"Shut the FUCK up. Shut the FUCK up, Shut the FUCK up". (Spits on the floor a few more times before continuing her mantra.)

Caretaker: (Calling the father of this child on her cell phone):
"Yeah, she's saying shut the "F" up, you know, in that cute little voice of hers."

- Eastbound MAX on way home from work 7/25/07

-- Overheard by Dyana, who writes:
(At this point, I am waiting for the girl's head to rotate 360, and for her to puke pea soup.)


Wacky Mommy said...

OMG! That is sooooooo cute! Jesus. H. Christ.

Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn!

Anonymous said...

As a parent I find this horrifying...but as a human being I find this FUCKING hysterical!

Melissa said...

well, they probably weren't doing the right thing to get the kid to stop swearing (substituting something else similar sounding would work better with a kid this young, and would have the side benefit of the kid reintroducing whatever it was into the daycare). Something like "put the bananas up," or anything with a nice punch to it. I am sure the kid was not interested in shocking anyone, just liked the rhythm of the words.