Friday, July 27, 2007

The Preacher from Poltergeist?

Standing on the corner smoking, and this guy walks up stops in front of me and in a very monotone soft voice says:

"You are in a good place. You are right where you are supposed to be. May the light be with you."

ME: "Thank you."
(Thinking he'd be on his way. He takes a few steps, turns back around steps closer to me.)

"God wanted me to talk to you more. He wanted me to tell you that he expects to see you on Sunday."

ME: "Yeah?"

"He said yes, He expects to see you at 4397(?) NW Couch St."

ME: "Great sounds like a plan!"

"Great I expect to see you there."

- Overheard by Amanda (Creeped out now)


OCD much? said...

Think it was 4837, judging by google maps.

Was that not the point?

Joel said...

And it looks like it would have to be NE Couch. I double-checked (how OCD is that?) and Couch doesn't go that far west. Although they do say with God, all things are possible.