Friday, September 28, 2007

The business

This I overheard riding the MAX a few weeks ago:

20-something #1: "So I saw ALL his business!"

20-something #2: "SICK, SICK, SICK! (yelling)"

20-something #3: "Was, he like, selling something?"

20-something #2: "Not that kind of business you fucktard."

20-something #3: "What?!"

20-something #1: "I saw his dick you dumbshit. His dick, his balls, the whole fucking business! It was nasty."

20-something #3: "In his briefcase?!"

20-something #2: "You are so stupid."

And so it went...before they got to the part where they had to explain to the dumb one that the guy was a pervert who liked to flash people on the MAX.

- Overheard by Jenn

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