Monday, May 05, 2008

He's in the jailhouse, now

Twentysomething white gangsta guy on cell phone:
Hey man, yeah, I just got out of jail. (listens.) Naw man, they charged me with the same as having a gun, because the weapon was concealed. (listens.) It was totally just a toy, but now they're going to put me in jail again.
I'm at OHSU right now, I'll be there in like five minutes.
Well, they could give me probation, but I bet they send me back to jail. I should just kiss my ass goodbye right now! They're going to put me back in jail, I know it! I posted bail and all it got me was 5 hours of freedom!
Yeah, maybe I can share a cell with your brother.
He's got a single cell? Damn!

- Overheard by a bus full of mild-mannered commuters

-- #8 bus to OHSU, 8:30 AM 5/5/08

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