Monday, May 19, 2008

Medical Advice

On the streetcar:

Streetboy#1: Why can't mom just direct deposit the child support? Bitch

Streetboy#2 (to the young woman across the aisle): Hey, hey you. What are you? Pissed off? What is it? Are you mad?

Young Woman: What?

Streetboy#1: She doesn't want to talk to you, man.

Streetboy#2: Why so mad? What's the problem?

Young Woman: I'm not mad. I have finals. I'm just tired.

Streetboy#2: School, huh? Have you ever... some people think... have you ever thought of opiates?

Streetboy#2: (to me) Huh? What's so funny? No, why are you laughing?

- Overheard by Nikola

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Name: Geeba Monkey said...

This is the Portland I live in!