Sunday, September 30, 2007

Final countdown

A well dressed lady with two kids steps onto the streetcar.

Homeless man one#1: "3 days!"
Lady: "Uh, yes. 3 days!"
Homeless man #2: "3 days?"
Homeless man #1: "3 days. Three. D-E-Z. 3 days."
Homeless man #2: "Why is it always 3? Never 4, or 5, or -(pause)-7."
Homeless man #1: "3. Like the number of gods, man."
Homeless man #2:"Oh, yeah. Amen!"
Homeless man #1: "Follow me, brother!"
Homeless man #2: "I don't follow nobody but Jesus."
Homeless man #1: "Word. Come on."

(The two men depart the streetcar)

Homeless man #1 (shouting): "2 days!"

Lady, to children: "See? In Portland, you can have an intellectually stimulating conversation anywhere."

- Portland StreetCar

-- Overheard by Seal

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Anonymous said...

Ahaha! That's amazing!