Thursday, September 06, 2007

Something wonderful

Woman addressing two middle-aged gentlemen:
"Excuse me. Are you two Viet Nam vets?"

Gentlemen: "Well yes we are."

Woman (extending her hand): "Thank you and welcome home."

- Westbound morning MAX

-- Overheard by Dyana, who writes:
"While I don't support the current war in Iraq, or the Viet Nam war, I do think our military men and women deserve our sincerest gratitude for laying their lives on the line in order to protect us. I was deeply moved by this woman's comment as were the veterans she thanked who may have waited nearly 40 years to hear that gratitude expressed."


Sarah Gee said...

This post made me smile. Thank you for sharing more than just the weird side of Portland!

Anonymous said...

Good morning and Merry Christmas, Rich! I hope you are also deeply moved by my comment as you may have waited for your Cristmas' morning greeting for over 8 months now.

Jack C said...

I made a similar comment of thanks to a Viet Nam vet a few years ago. The man seemed to be holding back a certain amount of emotion when he responded with "Nobody ever thanked me before."

Supporting the people who put themselved "between their lov'd homes and the war's desolation" deserve thanks.